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tonight. >> reporter: it could be days before the streets of hamden connecticut, look like streets again. nearly half of the town's 240 miles of roads were impassible today. >> i think people are shocked. they didn't expect all this snow. >> reporter: thomas rossler is clearing more than three feet of snow from around his home. >> there's a lot of roads around here they didn't even touch yet. people can't get out. >> reporter: scott jackson is hamden's mayor. a lot of your residents are wondering if you could have been better prepared to handle this to help them dig out? >> well, there is a time where as prepared as you are, mother nature deals you a card that you cannot manage. and that is the case with this storm. this is the blizzard of epic proportions, and it's going to take a massive amount of effort to complete the cleanup. >> reporter: the blizzard dumps five inches of snow per hour. one resident set up an outdoor time lapse camera that captured
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the accumulation. so much snow fell here, 11 of hamden's 15 snowplows got stuck. trucks called payloaders have to remove snow from the roads before the plows can even attempt to clear them. connecticut governor dan malloy visited hamden today to see what the town needed. >> the single greatest challenge is a lack of the heavy equipment, the payloaders that would actually pick up the snow. >> reporter: other connecticut towns have to share those resources. hamden is hoping for equipment from states like new jersey and new york which received nowhere near the amount of snow people got here. jeff. >> jeff: manual, thank you. farther north many of those on the coast in massachusetts suffered a one-two punch. first the snow, then a powerful storm surge. terrell brown has more from marshfield. >> reporter: hurricane-force wind gusts and high tide sent a
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raging ocean barreling into the massachusetts coast. frigid air left beach front homes encased in ice. in scituate, massachusetts those caught off guard by the rising waters had to be evacuated by the national guard and firefighters, like resident jim. >> we knew it was time to go. i had been here 20 years. first time i ever have asked to be taken out of my house. >> reporter: don and joanne morrison spent half the year in this oceanfront home in marshfield. they returned today to find the rails of their porch scatteredet and a flag pole snapped in half. >> if you want to have this view and be on the ocean like this, you are just going to have to put up with nature. nature rules. >> reporter: did you think it would be this bad? >> i just felt the house was all snugged up and wouldn't be bad wouldn't have a problem. so i was shocked. >> reporter: where did these rocks come from? >> a lot of them came from the ocean. but a lot come from by the seawall. >> reporter: more rocks hurled over the seawall shut down parts of the town's main street.
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downed power lines have left 89% of marshfield without electricity. christie haynes got out before the storm hit. >> i packed up all my stuff, emptied the refrigerator, i don't know when the power will come back. >> reporter: massachusetts power officials are hoping to restore power by tuesday. the morrisons are hoping it is sooner than later. >> reporter: what are you going to do with the house? >> we'll be here in the summer. can't beat the view, can't beat the place in the summer. >> reporter: but there is progress. the state's largest airport, boston logan, resumed normal operations today. and the city's mass transit system will be back up and running tomorrow, jeff. >> jeff: terrell brown, thank you. also snowed in was new york's long island. and its main artery the long island expressway. from new york city the lie stretches eastward to river head, nearly 71 miles away. carrying an average 210,000 vehicles every day. except for yesterday, when nearly the entire eastern half was buried, strapping hundreds of cars.
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as of early this evening, the highway was still closed. tony guida has more. >> reporter: on a good day new yorkers call the traffic-choked long island expressway the world's longest parking lot. saturday was definitely not a good day. scores of cars marooned along the 70-mile roadway and adjacent highway by blowing, drifting snow. so many that police had to maneuver on snowmobiles and use forklifts to clear the vehicles. >> if they would have had a plow we would have been home already. >> reporter: priscilla arena stranded in her snowbound car feared she would die. on loose leaf paper she wrote what she thought would be her last words to her family. >> i thought we were going to freeze to death. >> reporter: after 12 hours she was rescued. this morning an armada of heavy equipment arrived and began to open the expressway, but some of their work had unintended consequences.
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this section is now open but this won't be moving any time soon, abandoned obviously at the height of the storm, now buried in densely packed plowed snow. even as some lanes opened today, driving was still treacherous. >> we tried to merge into this lane but then somehow i guess the snow was too much and we got stuck. >> reporter: the easternmost 16 miles of the expressway remain closed this evening. authorities promise to have the entire road open for the monday morning rush hour. tony guida, cbs news, long island. >> jeff: in los angeles a one million dollar reward is now being offered for the fugitive former cop christopher doorner. he's wanted for three murders and on the run for eight days. here is carter evans. >> the massive and so far fruitless search for accused cop killer christopher doorner has put los angeles on edge. mayor antonio villaraigosa. >> we will not tolerate this reign of terror that has robbed
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us of the peace of mind that residents of southern california deserve. >> reporter: the $$1 million reward is the largest ever for the city. l.a.p.d. chief charlie beck: >> every day that dorner is loose the likelihood of an attack on either a uniformed police officer or a family of a police officer is likely. that's why we rush to make this offer. >> reporter: it's been four days since dorner's burnt-out truck was found near the resort town of big bear. but since then the trail has gone ice cold. >> today only 25 officers were on the hunt, down from more than a hundred on friday. the search area is standing, 150 miles to the south, authorities are checking cars heading to mexico. today authorities released the
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name of one of dorner's victims. michael crane died thursday when his car was ambushed. he was 34 years old. an 11-year police veteran and former marine. in fullerton, california, a second victim was remembered. monica quan was an assistant basketball coach. on saturday her family paid tribute. quan's father, randy quan, is one of the many police officers threatened in dorner's manifesto. >> there are over 50 families that have not only security but surveillance in and around their neighborhoods. these 50 l.a.p.d. families are targets of dorner's and are likely, likely victims. >> reporter: and chief beck said dorner's actions are nothing less than an act of domestic terrorism. and even though this intense manhunt has police resources stretched, the l.a.p.d. says security at tonight's grammys will not be compromised. jeff? >> carter evans in los angeles thank you. police in san diego county say a 12-year-old may have been planning a deadly school
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shooting. they say that poway, california, boy sent an e-mail threatening to shoot and kill a teacher and 23 students at twin peaks middle school. police seized multiple weapons from the child's home. >> a total of five rifles, three shotguns, and three handguns were taken from the residence at the time we served the search warrant, all the weapons were locked up. >> late word that a large tornado through forest counties in mississippi take direct hit near the downtown area of hat --burg. substantial daj is reported with at least one building at the university of southern mississippi completely destroyed. officials at the mississippi emergency management agency tell cbs news they have no firm count yet on injuries. now with more cbs news here's jeff glor. >> later, growing questions about the obama admission's use of drones. introducing the microcar, no passengers, please.
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male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. >> jeff: president obama delivers his state of the union address to a joint session of congress tuesday night. administration sources are signaling the speech will focus on the economy and job creation. a white house spokesman called today for quick senate confirmation of the nominees for cia director and defense secretary saying any delay would be quote, playing politics. that statement followed republican senator lindsay graham's vow on face the nation to block the nominations of john brennan and chuck hagel pending more answers on the attacks in benghazi last september. >> i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward for the cia directorship hagel to be confirmed as secretary of defense until the white house gives us an
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accounting. >> jeff: there are still 102,000 coalition troops in afghanistan. and today marked a change of command for them. marine general john all when who is in line to become nato's supreme european commander passed the baton to marine general joseph dunford in a ceremony at coalition headquarters in kabul. dharlie-- charlie d'agata was there. >> reporter: this morning general john allen gave up command to fellow marine joseph dunford in an emotional event that at times sound more like a defiant victory speech than a handover ceremony. >> afghan force-- afghan forces defending afghan people and enabling the government of this country to serve its citizens. this is victory, this is what winning looks like. and we should not shrink from using these words. >> reporter: but he himself has admitted he's had a tough 19 months and had to handle a series of disasters he calls meteor strikes.
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the images that surfaced showing marines urinating on the corps of taliban fighters. the accidental burning of the koran that started a wave of violence that included the killing of u.s. troops. and the massacre of 16 civilians in a shooting rampage allegedly at the hands of an american soldier. >> we have a casualty. >> reporter: general allen fought back tears when he said more than 560 coalition forces were killed on his watch, the vast majority american. >> we acknowledge that there is a chair at a table at home, a chair that is empty and will always be. and we can never forget them. and they are in our prayers always. >> reporter: as general allen says his final good-byes here in afghanistan, what no one knows is whether general dunford will one day be holding his own handover ceremony or whether he will be the united states last commander in afghanistan.
6:15 pm
there's still plenty to do, before the end of 2014 general dunford will have to wind down america's longest war, bring home most of the remaining u.s. forces and staggering amount of equipment while handing the fight against the-- taliban over to afghan security forces. charlie d'agata cbs news kabul. >> jeff: as america withdraws its troops from afghanistan the use of unmanned drones is likely to grow. however their once top secret missions are coming under increased scrutiny. david martin is at the pentagon. >> reporter: the use of drones to hunt and kill suspected terrorists has replaced the all-out air strikes with which the wars in iraq and afghanistan began. drones have become the first line of defense against terrorists shadowing and striking them in remote areas of pakistan and yemen. >> impact. >> i'm a big advocate of drones. >> reporter: today former defense secretary robert
6:16 pm
gates argue head that in addition to the advantage of not putting a pilot's life at risk drones cause remarkably few civilian casualties. >> first of all the numbers i believe are extremely small. and second you do have the ability to limit that collateral damage more than with any other weapon system that you have. >> reporter: critics dispute that and say civilian casualties fuel hatred of america and create more terrorists than they kill. but armed drones are only increasing in number. this helicopter drone which the navy uses for surveillance is about to be armed with laser guided rockets. giving it the capability to launch strikes from the back of ships. and there is the x-47b capable of carrying 4,000 pounds of weapons. right now it's only a test aircraft which the favee is using to determine whether a computer-flown drone can take off and land on an aircraft carrier operating from ships would give the u.s. the ability to launch drone strikes virtually anyplace in the world. many of today's drone
6:17 pm
strikes are conducted by the cia. but senator john mccain says the time has come to put the pentagon in charge. >> since when is the intelligence agency supposed to be an air force of drones that goes around killing people? i believe that it's a job for the department of defence. >> reporter: whoever is in charge and despite all the controversy, drones have become part of the american way of war. and their role is only getting bigger jeff? >> reporter: david martin thank you. next up here india's huge religious pilgrimmage marred by a deadly stampede. ñ2 our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. wrur
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[ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >> jeff: there's been a deadly stampede in india at least 10 were killed and dozens hurt when a massive crowd surged on to a foot bridge and the railing collapsed at a hindu religious festival it happened in the northern city of allahabad where millions of people have been guaranned to bathe in the sacred ganges river a ritual they believe will wash away their sins. china has overtaken the u.s. to become the world's biggest trading nation. china's imports and exports totalled 3.87 trillion dollars last year compared
6:21 pm
to 3.82 trillion for the u.s. the u.s. economy overall is still more than double the size of chinas. chinese new year's celebrations are ushering in the year of the snake. parades and fireworks marked the holiday. people born in the year of the snake are considered stylish and good with money. in beijing singer celine dion became the first foreigner to start an official new year's festivity. she sang a duet in mandarin chinese, one of china's most popular folk songs. still ahead, would you trade your car for a microcar?pr i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself. >> jeff: finally tonight the new big thing in automobiles design is very very small. automakers are developing new microcars that fit a driver and usually the driver only. in japan it's driven by a growing market for older drivers in a country where the highest percentage of the elderly in the world. here's lucy kraft craft. >> reporter: when retiree masao suzuki gets into the
6:25 pm
car he zips himself into a pod like vehicle that is so snug there is only room for him. about the size of the golf cart the slim aluminum frame toyota concept car can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. he says compare to my motor cycle it is more stable because it has four years and you don't get drenched when it rains. 64 years old suzuki says he rarely needs to travel more than a few miles from home. his microcar which toyota is testing is environmentally friendly and fun. it runs on electricity, he says, so i never have to go to the gas station. since it's a one seater it's great on tight turns. for a glimpse of the future i took a quick spin around the neighborhood in a pint size electric concept vehicle made by nissan. the no frills car is a bit bumpy and chilly for a winter day but i had no trouble keeping up with the traffic. for parking challenge-driver like me the beauty of an ultra compact car is you can stash it just about anywhere
6:26 pm
without breaking a sweat. a quarter of japan's population is over 65. expected to retail for less than 10,000 each these tiny nissans in an array of other cars are being tested by japanese carmakers. if japan's government approved cheap ultra compact cars could be puttering down japanese streets in the next few years. lucy craft cbs news tokyo. >> jeff: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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people to the hospital. hear from another driver who saw it all happen. plus: looking beyond the highly- disputed "stop and frisk" policy. oakland a corvette sails off of a cliff. you will hear from another driver that saw it all happennism happen. it became the character of the greater bay area for all- time. [music] >> the movement that brought a unique flavor of music to the bay area. and the local grammy
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i'm elizabeth cook. happy new year... it's the year of the snake! gung hay fat choy. and this lunar new year got off good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. happy new year. the year of the snake. this new year got off to a rough start for guys that went over a cliff. they were in a corvette this afternoon. kpix reporter was there for the rescue. >> reporter: part of that is still going on right now, elizabeth. the wrecking crew has taken over. you are looking at a live picture of the corvette. being brought back to the road here by the wrecking crew. this road has been closed since
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